My Vedic Birth Chart Reading

Vedic Birth Chart for Ryan Christopher Scales


  • Ryan Christopher Scales
  • September 21, 1986
  • 09:21 PM
  • Ulm, Germany





Vedic Birth Chart Analysis

This insightful interpretation of your Vedic birth chart gives you a unique perspective of your life by looking through the looking glass of Vedic astrology. Discover what makes you what you are and locate the pulse points of your life. Learn how the location of the nine planets in the 12 Houses of your birth chart shape you as an individual so that you fully understand your basic tendencies — both positive and negative. Get pointers to take advantage of the opportunities in your life and learn how to dodge life’s obstacles.

Introduction to Vedic Astrology
Vedic astrology is one of the oldest forms of astrology. It evolved over 5,000 years ago and is based on a body of knowledge known as the ‘Vedas,’ which translates to ‘knowledge’ or ‘wisdom,’ and is referred to as Jyotish — the ‘light of the heavenly bodies’. Today, Vedic astrology is acknowledged as one of the most powerful forms of astrology in practice and is followed by millions around the world.

While Western astrology is known for its emphasis on the psychological nature and personality of the individual, Vedic astrology’s primary focus is on predicting cycles and events of the future, putting more emphasis on understanding when certain events are likely to take place. Vedic astrology gives a better view of: a person’s karmic tendencies and when such tendencies are likely to manifest for that person through a unique system of planetary time cycles, called ‘dashas,’ for which there is no corresponding method in Western astrology. One of the aphorisms offered by this body of knowledge is: ‘Avoid the danger that has not yet come.’

The planets in Vedic astrology are referred to as ‘grahas’ and ancient scriptures refer to them as the lords of karma and destiny. It is believed that the birth chart of an individual is based on their past karma, which is bestowed upon them by the nine planets. However, it is not Vedic astrology’s purpose to replace an individual’s responsibility to decide what is best for them. The role of astrology is to make one aware of the presence or absence of certain tendencies, and should be used as a tool for making better decisions.Ultimately, the purpose of astrology is self-knowledge, self-awareness and improvement.

Vedic astrology follows the same combinations of the houses, signs and planets as those in Western astrology. But for those of us familiar with the Western birth chart, there will be many differences. The Vedic birth chart is square, instead of the round chart wheel of Western astrology. The houses, signs and planets also take on different meaning under Vedic astrology. The more recently discovered outer planets — Neptune, Pluto and Uranus are not considered in Vedic astrology for the purposes of interpreting a chart, however, the Lunar Nodes are. The North Node is known as Rahu and the South Node as Ketu. Each planet is also given rulership over a particular sign of the zodiac and it is referred to as its lord. The ruling planet transfers a large part of its influence upon the sign it rules, and is referred to continuously in chart interpretations. Planets form the center point of Vedic astrology.

Another major difference between the two is that Western astrology uses the Tropical Zodiac, which is based on the equinoxes. The beginning of the Tropical Zodiac or its first degree of Aries is always with the spring or vernal Equinox. Vedic astrology uses the Sidereal Zodiac which tracks planetary movements against the actual movement of the stars, and the first degree of Aries or the start of the Sidereal Zodiac starts approximately 24 degrees ahead of that of the Tropical Zodiac. So unless you were born between the 15th or 20th of any month, you will find that your Western Sun sign and ascendant, as well as some of the planets are moved back by one sign in your Vedic chart.

Western astrology considers the Sun as the center of our universe, and therefore the most significant influence in our lives. Vedic astrology, on the other hand, uses the Moon and the 27 constellations of the Moon — called the Lunar Mansions or Nakshatras — as the primary source of predictive techniques. The Sun represents one’s soul while the Moon represents one’s mind. Both are important, and both have a significant place in astrology.

Vedic science also recognizes that there are four aims or purpose in life – Kama, Artha, Dharma and Moksha. Kama literally means desire and signifies our need for emotional and sensory happiness in life. Artha can be translated as wealth, and relates to the fact that each one of us must have sufficient means to function happily in life. Dharma is our need for recognition in life, since we all need to be acknowledged for who we are and what we can do and contribute. Moksha means liberation or freedom and it represents our need for spiritual growth – we all must seek to go beyond who we are until we become one with all.

You are now ready to take a revealing look at your Vedic Birth Chart!

Your Vedic Birth Chart

Birth Chart for:
Ryan Christopher Scales
September 21, 1986
09:21 PM
Ulm, Germany

Planetary Positions

Planets Sign Degree Sign Lord Nakshatra Nak. Pada Nak. Lord Sub. Lord
Asc Taurus 02 29 06 Venus Krttika 2 Sun Jupiter
Sun Virgo 04 50 38 Mercury Uttaraphalguni 3 Sun Saturn
Moon Aries 17 09 22 Mars Bharani 2 Venus Moon
Mars Sagittarius 27 44 44 Jupiter Uttarasadha 1 Sun Moon
Mercury Virgo 17 38 05 Mercury Hasta 3 Moon Saturn
Jupiter Aquarius 22 45 46 Saturn Purvabhadrapada 1 Jupiter Saturn
Venus Libra 17 34 15 Venus Swati 4 Rahu Sun
Saturn Scorpio 11 01 50 Mars Annuradha 3 Saturn Moon
Rahu Pisces 27 17 05 Jupiter Revati 4 Mercury Jupiter
Ketu Virgo 27 17 05 Mercury Chitra 2 Mars Jupiter
Uranus Scorpio 24 57 26 Mars Jyeshtha 3 Mercury Rahu
Neptune Sagittarius 09 23 06 Jupiter Mula 3 Ketu Saturn
Pluto Libra 12 07 30 Venus Swati 2 Rahu Saturn

The First House — The House of Self — Your Personality and Identity

The ascendant — or Rising sign — always occupies the First House; it is also known as the Lagna in Vedic astrology. In Western astrology, one identifies themselves by their Sun Sign. In Vedic astrology, the ascendant is the main indicator of one’s most personal characteristics and tendencies, and thereby the most important aspect of the birth chart.

The First House reveals your outlook on life and indicates how you project yourself to the outside world. It is the primary factor regarding confidence, self-confidence, self-esteem and self acceptance. It personifies life, longevity, self, nature, vitality, bodily appearance, character, early childhood, personality and fame. A strong First House helps you in your career, establishing self-identity, and is important for honor, integrity, fame or recognition. This is a house of dharma or duty and life purpose.

Your Ascendant is Taurus — Ruled by Venus.
At the time of your birth, the sign rising on the eastern horizon was Taurus. Venus rules your ascendant, and confers his traits on you. Ruled by the element of earth, you are practical and endure. Every word you utter has a meaning and every endeavor a planning. You hate to build castles in the air. You plan well in advance and make sure that the plan yields the proper result. Your patience is a great help in most matters, but occasionally you can also roar like a bull.

Taurus rising in the First House gives you a stable, graceful and harmonious personality, but also makes you very passive and easygoing until pushed. However, you can display a stubborn, rigid and uncontrollable temper when provoked. Venus as the lord of Taurus produces high degree of diplomacy, tact, sociability coupled with sensuality and a temptation for pleasure in your nature. Generally Taurus also represents earthy pursuits, giving you a practical and pleasure seeking approach to life and a very down-to-earth nature.

In a nutshell, you are a very good listener who usually does not speak unless you have something important to say. You are patient, persevering and extremely loyal to families, friends and colleagues. You are also sensual, passionate and faithful, as well as jealous and possessive. Although you are basically even tempered, once that temper is ignited, you become a true bull. You are amazingly productive, relentless to the point of obsession, inflexible, and controlling. When things do not go according to plan, you find it difficult to readjust.

You are affectionate, dependable, sincere, trustworthy, inflexible, stable, determined, reliable, stubborn, preserving, unrelenting, practical and materialistic. Your sensuous attitude leads you to indulge in the pleasures of life. You are highly sensitive towards beauty, music, food, color, fashion, fragrance and other luxurious things. Luxury always tempts you and your choices in life are colored by comfort. Because of this, you may not choose a highly-rewarding option if it involves extending yourself to uncomfortable zone physically, emotionally or financially; your need for security is paramount and uncertainty of any kind can unnerve you.

Your understanding of practicality helps you to stabilize the environment around you. Though you may take time in making decisions, you make sure that the plan is realistic and is ‘doable.’ Normally you are calm and relaxed, but if things spiral out of your control, you may turn violent and your temper may take time to cool. Feeling of closeness can induce warmth and security in you; hence you are highly sensitivity to emotive expressions like hugging. If you are forced to leave your comfort zone, you resist. You are stubborn and want to do things your own way. You work hard to attain a secure position, then protect it fiercely.

Planets in the First House
You have no planets in the First House.

The Second House — The House of Livelihood and Wealth — Your Resources

The Second House rules livelihood and accumulated wealth. It’s connected to your earning capacity and ability to provide for yourself in life. It indicates the financial success and material resources that you will be able to acquire through your own efforts and labor. It also takes into consideration wealth through inheritance. General family happiness and domestic comforts are also represented here, as well as your intellect and powers of speech and imagination. Indicators of education and early childhood also appear here.

Primarily, this House deals with the resources you accumulate through your own efforts. Wealth, fruitfulness of investments, as well as your attitude toward property and chances of striking real estate jackpots comes into play in the aspects to this House. It also shows your attitude towards accumulation and stinginess. As you age and mature, this House expresses how you handle family issues. It deals with social networking and its usefulness in accomplishing important objectives in your life. This is a House of artha or wealth.

Gemini — Ruled by Mercury — Occupies Your Second House.
Since restless Mercury rules the Second House, you state of finances may be perpetually fluctuating. While some of the down periods may stem from unwise investment, frivolous spending and unexpected job changes, you always trod towards a stable financial situation. Frugality and a sensible attitude towards money, however, usually steers you back to prosperity. Since the Second House rules over early education, Mercury brings intelligence, talkativeness and an inability to concentrate due to nervous energy in early schooling.

The influence of Gemini on the House of material and financial possessions also indicates that you build your resources through intellect, since Mercury the planet of intelligence is the ruler of Gemini. You are very active in financial affairs, and may tend to assess the worth of everything and everybody in the material sense, rather than viewing the achievements on the basis of social and cultural values.

You might have had a lot of interest in your formal education. You may be interested in learning new languages, which may prove to be an asset someday as you choose a career where this may turn out to be quite valuable. You may choose the subjects that give you the opportunity to use your mental faculties and allow you to explore the multiple dimensions of life such as mathematics, accounts, sociology, event management, fashion design, computer engineering, travel and tourism, marketing or financial management. There is a good chance that you have been brilliant in academics and your family is proud of your educational achievements. You believe in having good time with your family. You may also apply your intellectual temperament and research capabilities to investigate many real estate options. You feel that buying and selling properties is a good way to build your asset base .You explore various places and check out various facts and figures to assess your property options. You are likely to invest in multiple properties rather then focusing on just one. You may have brilliant ideas around building your assets quickly. You may try trading, dealing in properties, retailing or even trading in shares to achieve this result.

On the negative side, you need to be aware of your tendencies for lack of concentration, taking shortcuts, faultfinding and restlessness when dealing with family matters. You may have to face repercussions of such behavior from time-to-time, as they may start to think of you as a person who will run when tough times occur. You always try to investigate the various aspects of the life of your family members, which may sometimes also be viewed as intruding into their privacy. In crisis, you may display a shallow approach, lack of determination and poor decision-making.

Planets in the Second House
You have no planets in the Second House.

The Third House — The House of Brothers — Your Self Expression

This House represents all the ways you use to express yourself. It shows your basic energy in life — the impulses and intentions that drive you. The power of the Third House creates the will to reach ambitions and goals. It reveals your passion or zeal, along with your courage and boldness, which may also become rashness and impulsiveness.

The Third House signifies your younger brothers, sisters and your relationships with them. Your courage, enthusiasm, intelligence, thought process, mental strength, education (up to high school), how you relate with others in your formative years, ambitions, short journeys, ornaments, clothes, heroism, patriotism, health of younger brothers and their success and failure are all represented here. The Third House is also the ruler of adventures and reveals if one will lead a stagnant live or one full of activity, excitement and adventures This is also known as a House of kama or desire and it governs all your desires – whether they will be fulfilled and how much effort will be required towards those ends.

Cancer — Ruled by the Moon — Occupies Your Third House.
The collective and associative quality of Moon-ruled Cancer, which rules the Third House of communications, contributes to your retentive memory. You perceive the world in terms of images and colors and are, therefore, often an accomplished musician or painter. You are not a lucid speaker, however, and prefer to listen and reflect than direct conversation.

Cancer in the Third House shows that you are very sensitive when communicating. Your communications style is emotional, sensitive, sentimental, sincere, affectionate, dutiful, pleasing, changeable and impressionable. You tend to communicate from your heart rather than from your mind. Stored up memories of little things that happened long ago are integral parts of your communications.

You react to others emotionally, rather than discussing matters rationally. You have an excellent memory with a tendency to retain whatever information you receive for a very long period. You may not have performed very well in your early childhood education, which could be attributed to your emotional and moody nature at that time. You are very attentive to those who are close to you. Your moments of inspiration can happen through glimpses of poetry and other imaginations. You are quite patriotic and feel agitated when issues of national interest arise.

You may have been very close and protective to your brothers and sisters during your early age. You have a deep attachment with your siblings and nurture them like a mother. You may feel insecure as they age and start to make independent decisions. You need to let them go and live their own life, as being possessive may result in painful situations. You love to explore water sports including swimming, surfing and bathing.

Your confidence can fluctuate wildly between extremes of enthusiasm and depression. Your mother may be the source of inspiration for you during the times of confidence crisis. You may get hurt quite often if someone has been rude with you. You sympathize with people in distress. Sometimes you find it difficult to communicate in open, frank and honest manner as you tend to hide many secrets within you.

On the negative side, you may operate out of a sense of an inferiority complex, and as a result you can get aggressive if someone neglects you. You must make an effort to learn from life’s experiences rather than detach yourself.

Planets in the Third House
You have no planets in the Third House.

The Fourth House — House of the Mother — Your Emotional Approach and Comforts of Home

In Sanskrit, this house is called ‘Sukh bhava,.’ It is the House of happiness and of mother and also conveyances or cars one may possess in life. It governs happiness, passions and the heart and any planets located in this House reveals the passions imagined in one’s heart. A very important House, it plays a great role in the manifesting the life from within and begins its influence right at birth. Issues like upbringing, education and refinement in life can be seen in this House. It also depicts your connection with your home, as well as love for mother and family. It gives you a picture of upbringing, childhood and cultural heritage. It shows peace and happiness at home — whether home provides peace and relaxation, or if it is a place of agony.

The Fourth House signifies mother, property, cars, domestic surroundings, happiness with family, inheritances, agriculture land and its products, permanent possessions, loss and hidden treasures. Parts of the body indicated by this House are the chest, lungs, stomach, elbow joints, major arteries and ribs. This House is, at the root of all things, associated with your material possessions, your soul, psychological roots, family and racial traditions, your home and your security and your property. This is known as a house of moksha or self realization and final liberation.

Leo — Ruled by the Sun — Occupies Your Fourth House.
With Leo in your Fourth House, your attitude towards your family and home is characterized by pride and ego, much like a lion in a pride. This placement also shows that you are dominant in the family with you making almost all the important decisions. You display an attitude, which is confident, ambitious and expressive. But you are also forceful, dominant, and rash. You are adventurous, straight and determined when managing domestic affairs.

You want to live like a king. Owing a good house gives you a heightened sense of self-worth and you want your home to be a showplace. You act as though you are a lord or lady of the manor. Your lavish and royal home decor attracts the attention of others. You also take great pride in your homes and the furnishings reflect a penchant for luxury, ornate decor and extravagance. Your royal nature may also cause you to overspend.

Most of the time, you prefer people to come and meet you rather then you going to meet them. You are very hospitable to your guests and spare no expense in treating them lavishly. You are warm hearted and generous, particularly to people you love, and those who are downtrodden and need support. You very often support the poor and needy. Your approach to management at work is that of a good ruler of people with ability to lead, control and organize. You have plenty of hope and faith and do not fall to fits of depression and despondency easily, even in the face of strife. Your king-sized ego finds it difficult to tolerate subordination.

Because you may have spent so much time alone as a child, you were able to develop artistic hobbies and talents. You may usually be a stern parent and your attitude towards children reflects how you were treated as youngster. Children are taught to respect their surroundings and regard their homes in the same manner.

On the negative side, you have the tendency to be boastful, so you are not very focused on action. You have a strong urge to seek attention and recognition from your family members, and you can throw tantrums if you do not get the same. You have fixed and dogmatic ideas about managing a home and expect you word to be treated as law. You may also tend to ignore the faults of your loved ones, which can cost you dearly sometimes.

Planets in the Fourth House
You have no planets in the Fourth House.

The Fifth House — The House of Children — Your Creativity, Romance and Children

This House represents your capacity to have children, and also reveals how you might relate to them. This House also relates to creativity and shows how you recuperate and recover from trauma and problems in life. It indicates wisdom, higher learning and good deeds. Problems in health, career, relationship, mental trauma — the strength you find inside yourself to recover all stems from the Fifth House.

The term ‘Putra,’ or children reveals the primary purpose of this House, but you should also consider the other forms this term might indicate. On another level, it reveals your creative intelligence and capacity for original thinking. If imaginative planets are associated with this House, they can bless artistic fields such as music, dance, painting, poetry, or fashion.

This House signifies children, speculation, intellectual status, luck, pleasure, legal or illegal hobbies, social inclinations, romance, religious bent and wisdom. It governs your love affairs and romance – the quality of romantic love you are likely to receive in this life. This is the House of self-expression, and shows how your efforts distinguish yourself from others. The parts of the body indicated by this house are belly, heart, liver, spleen and gall bladder.

This is a very auspicious house and it indicates past life credit. Good deeds or lack of them from a past life show up in this house and is an indication of the rewards from a past life that is due in this lifetime. This is a house of wealth and fortune and shows our capacity to gain through speculation and investments like the stock market or even gambling, and how we gain through what we can produce, create or imagine as well through recreational activities. Also this is a house of morals and merits and denotes a person of ability, integrity, humility and other fine qualities. This is a house of dharma or duty and life purpose.

Virgo — Ruled by Mercury — Occupies Your Fifth House.
Virgo in the Fifth House reflects a well-planned, careful and critical nature in romantic situations. You need someone who can become your mental companion with the ability to discuss the pros and con of a variety of subjects with you. You enjoy affection, though you are very discriminating when selecting the object of your affection and may find it very difficult to completely commit. While you are creative, you prefer planning to spontaneity.

Mercury, the ruler of your Fifth House, causes changeability in relationships, often leading to insecurity and a cynical attitude towards love and partnerships. You are not very emotional in romantic matters, but at the same time you are very sensitive and find it difficult to tolerate negligence from your lover. You can sacrifice your own interest for the sake of them. You tend to lose interest quickly in sex and it may just remain a way for you to feel close. You can be also be highly conservative and can abstain from physical expression of love. Any kind of sexual adventures and experimentations may turn you off.

Since Virgo is considered to be a barren sign, you may consciously choose not to have children. There may be difficulties conceiving or there may be children later in life. You adopt a highly methodical and practical approach towards kids. You are very committed to providing them a beautiful life, yet you tend to severely criticize their faults and failings. Due to your impatient nature, you may also find it hard to discipline your children and understand their needs. You feel a certain kind of duty for children and you find satisfaction even in handling the mundane and repetitive tasks devotedly and without getting bored. You consider their education as the most important part of your contribution to their lives, so you do your best to send them to the best schools and colleges.

You have the power of discrimination, which coupled with clear insight, calm thinking, love for details and intellectual abilities make you very good in knowledge-related jobs; computer programmers, researchers, architect, set designer or news editor all included. In your profession, others find you highly trustworthy, enduring and reliable and you often become the leader of crucial creative and intellectual projects

Impulsive spending, hasty investment and gambling should be avoided since Mercury rules both this house and the Second House.

Planets in the Fifth House

The Sun
The Sun is our sense of self and shows the level of our self-manifestation. The Sun governs our intelligence, perception, strength of will and character. It gives us endurance, stamina, vitality, positive spirit, direction, conviction, confidence, independence, leadership and straight forwardness. It also represents our ego and shows our impulses towards power, prestige, honor, fame, respect, authority and control — all the things that give us value and our identity. It shows how we shine, where we shine and where we shine and as such affects our career and worldly activities. The Sun also rules our Soul and determines our spiritual life and our potential as an individual. It shows our aspirations, our creativity, our integrity and our ability to transcend external conditions. It reflects who we really are, and our search for our true self. The Sun also reflects the father, our relationship with him his influence on us.

Sun in Virgo
Mercury, ruler of Virgo, is naturally be exalted here, but the Sun’s close proximity to Libra — one sign later — may weaken the benefit. Each planet is exalted or at its strongest in a particular zodiac sign and it’s the highest position a planet can occupy — bringing about very favorable effects.. Because of this there is a prominence of Mercurial qualities in you.

This combination may mean you have fine tastes for literature and culture, as well as a generally good memory and the ability to grasp new subjects quickly. Your analytical abilities that help you present your point-of-view in a clear and lucid manner.

The Sun in Virgo gives you a clear understanding of health, hygiene, healing and purity. You are endowed with great powers of discrimination, discipline, attention to detail and a need for perfection. As you strive for perfection in the material world, you could be overly critical and quite blunt or harsh if your opinion is ever questioned. However, your explanation would most probably silence everybody, as you provide thorough explanations complete with data and structure. You are very careful with your health and maintain your health with diet and exercise. Very practical, you are endowed with great writing abilities with a voracious appetite for reading.

Ketu — also known as the lunar South node — represents vivid imagination, spirituality and escapist tendencies which can, in the extreme, lead to isolation, addiction and withdrawal from reality. It represents confusion, lack of direction and can create conflict in the areas of life it affects. Ketu is dishonest and aimless. The effects of Ketu in a chart are closely associated with Western astrology’s view of Neptune. If Ketu is well-placed in a chart, great sensitivity and compassion will be present as well. However, a poorly situated Ketu will result in an inability to believe in oneself and, at its most extreme, total chaos.

Ketu in Virgo
Mercury, the ruler of Venus, is exalted by Ketu making you self-confidant, learned, indiscriminate, with a love for romance and a fondness for music and polite behavior.

However, you may also be more accident prone. Injuries involving machine tools and fire could be possible. You may also suffer from digestive disorders and bereavement through unexpected death in your close circle.

Overall, you should take great care to keep your feet on the ground, so that you can avoid injury, depression due to the death of family or friends and the loss of wealth.

Mercury governs intelligence, speech, education and all mental pursuits. It is responsible for inspiring writers, lecturers, and teachers. It also rules trade and commerce, and is prominent in the lives of business people. Other matters dependent upon the condition of Mercury are the nervous system and self-confidence. When badly placed or afflicted, Mercury indicates a person who is nervous, overly excitable, conceited and insecure.

Mercury may also, without any malicious intent, cause harm in certain houses due to its superficial nature. Indian sages have labeled it as ‘fickle, two-faced, and often conducive to detachment and an overly independent nature.’

Mercury in Virgo
Mercury rules Virgo, and when placed here, all the best characteristics are highlighted. Mercury is exalted in Virgo. Each planet is exalted or at its strongest in a particular zodiac sign and it’s the highest position a planet can occupy — bringing about very favorable effects. You are learned, virtuous, eloquent and liberal. Analytical, imaginative with sharp intelligence, you may gravitate towards astronomy, mathematics, the mechanical arts or writing. Though you could be argumentative, you have a naturally charitable nature.

Mercury in Virgo blesses your analytical skills and enhances your rational thinking. Your intelligence and logic are beyond question, but you will also put value on ongoing education. Additionally, you have excellent communication skills. However, you could also be overly critical, fussy and impatient with people of inferior intellects. Your intelligence, combined with a strong sense of values and work ethic, make you excel in any profession or business you choose to pursue.

Sixth House — The House of Enemies — Obstacles You May Face

The Sixth House, Shatru Bhava, is the house of enemies. It indicates opposition, difficulties and obstacles in life and can give many problems. The Vedic concept of a life of fulfillment connects a sense of harmony with a defined mission. Planetary influences here are important for showing your physical constitution in life. More specifically, Sixth House represents the immune system. While a healthy Sixth House provides the promise of a strong immune system, a weak Sixth House may make you fall prey to physical disorders or digestive troubles.

It is a House of power and impulse and indicates the effect of the abuse of power either directed to us or through us. The Sixth House gives skill and intelligence but seldom the recognition for them. It is a House of effort and shows our capacity for labor. This House also signifies your profession, duties, practical tasks, how you relate to employees and subordinates, distant relatives and foreigners, debts, obstacles in life, mental worries, theft and calamity, pets, enemies and efforts. The parts of the body indicated by this house are kidney, large intestines, uterus and anus. This is a House that signifies artha or wealth.

Libra — Ruled by Venus — Occupies Your Sixth House.
Since Venus rules your Sixth House, you need absolute harmony in your work environment and good relationships with colleagues. You enjoy work that involves dealing with the public, such as advertising, sales, distribution, representation, or a service profession.

The influence of Libra in the Sixth House shows that you need pleasant and harmonious working conditions at your workplace, the absence of this will affect your performance — perhaps even your physical health. You are very cooperative, tactful and diplomatic in the workplace, with an ability to find a solution for disputes and differences of opinion among people.

You may try to sort out many issues logically, but it could cause struggle in your life. It may be difficult to strike balance and proportion and the vacillation in your moods and ideas may prevent ultimate balance. You may lack the tact and diplomacy, so harmony may be constantly disrupted. You may also face many situations in life when you have to struggle to regain your peace of mind. Though you are a logical person, once disturbed you become quite illogical and argumentative.

As far as health is concerned, you have a tendency towards overindulgence that may cause problem with eyes, skin, and kidneys or with abdomen and digestive system. Your sweet tooth may cause health issues, so you should be cautious of diabetes and kidney troubles.

You find it difficult to make decisions and can take long time to reach even simple conclusions. You may avoid social interactions, at times. You often face struggle while you voice your opinion or commit yourself to the cause of the downtrodden. Your inability to say no may become the cause for others to take advantage of you. Your business partnerships may not work out, and quite often may even lead to fights and litigations.

Planets in the Sixth House

Venus is the planet of love. It is a benefic and enhances the house it occupies, as well as any planet it aspects or associates with. Like Jupiter, Venus bestows money, comfort and fortune on a person when it is placed in a significant or positive way. In addition to governing love affairs and married life, it also specifically rules happiness. Therefore, almost no other astrological condition can spoil the sweetness of life like an afflicted Venus.

Also the planet of beauty, sensuality and passion, a well-placed Venus is likely to make you sensitive, beautiful, magnetic and attractive to the opposite sex.

Venus in Libra
Venus is the ruler of Libra, and so Venus is very comfortable and strong here. Venus brings fortune, as well as beauty, and all the characteristics of Venus will flourish in this placement.

You are just, wealthy and generally liked by all. This combination also reflects intelligence, success, pride, intuition and an abundance of sensual qualities with a fondness of flowers, scents and colorful garments. You may be successful in places other than your own birthplace.

You enjoy an all-around happy life. Your love life brings you joy, as you make your spouse or mate content. You have success in all partnerships — from love affairs to business. Being charming is second nature, and you never have work hard at any relationships; you are a loveable and amiable person in general. Emotions and sentiments also play a major role in shaping your life. There will be joy within you and you rarely remain depressed.

The Seventh House — House of Partners — Your Relationships

The Seventh House rules marriage and male/female relationships. In more broad terms, it’s the house that covers all relationships with common goals, such as live-in relationships, business partnerships or other kinds of alliances. This may include joint ventures, foreign partnerships or even business arrangements based on sharing rewards. It defines the interpersonal relationships in close-knit groups, where either everyone succeeds or fails jointly.

As the House opposite the ascendant — or self — the Seventh House represents one’s ability to relate with others. As the house of relationships, this house signifies matters regarding your spouse, partnerships, marriage, agreements, conjugal happiness, contracts, business partnerships, public deals, litigations, divorce, honor and reputation and residence in foreign countries and your social nature. This is also the House of your social consciousness and cooperation — or the lack thereof. Parts of the body indicated by this house are the private parts of the body, uterus, glands, lumber and vertebrae. This is a House of kama or desire.

Scorpio — Ruled by Mars — Occupies Your Seventh House.
The influence of Scorpio on the Seventh House suggests that you make an inwardly powerful and dynamic partner with a passionate, highly sensual and emotional personality. You are also argumentative, jealous and secretive. Since you find yourself devoting energy to social relations — especially marriage — you need a partner who is creative and has the ability and power to get things done. You should, however, not let your tendency to approach partnerships as a personal challenge, extend to your marriage. Altercations due to your possessive nature and tendency for control could mar matrimonial relations. There is likelihood of more than one marriage, as your unions could be challenging and peppered with crisis. You are very emotional, though you do not portray yourself as such, since you are scared of being taken advantage of. You can be very protective, as well as possessive of your partner. You can, however, learn from your mistakes and cultivate more successful channels of communications with your partner or spouse.

You are an explorer of hidden mysteries when it comes to the relationship with your spouse. Your partner brings a glimpse of deep hidden treasure within and you spend your life in search of it. You may be attracted to adopt mysterious ways, such as tantra, to unlock these dimensions, which can unravel the deepest mysteries of life through your partner. You may experience sex as a way to awaken very intense spiritual energy. Your spouse can very often be the door for the new truth to be revealed to you. This attitude can be quite mysterious for your partner and you can become the object of fear, as well as worship. You may want to dominate your spouse, but your spouse may find your persona magnetic as you can gaze deeply into their eyes, scanning their inner realities.

On the negative side, you are quite fixed in your ideas and you want to do everything your own way, even if you use trickery and deception to get around what your partner wants. This attitude can cause serious troubles at times and become an obstacle in your relationship. You may not appear determined, but once you take a stand in relationship, you do not budge from it. If you become suspicious of the motives of your partner, there is a tendency that you can even trap them by using manipulative and imaginative schemes.

Planets in the Seventh House

Although Saturn’s very nature is to restrict, deny, and destroy, it’s also capable of bestowing the greatest evolutionary qualities a person may experience. A properly aspected and well-placed Saturn indicates a person of wisdom, integrity, and discipline. It is especially helpful to those persons on the spiritual path who are diligently seeking perfection, as Saturn gives humility, patience, dedication and a genuine sense of freedom from worldly desires and pleasures. You should look to the dire aspects of Saturn as warnings you can use to avoid challenges, and truly grow from.

Saturn in Scorpio
Mars, ruler of Scorpio, combines in a slightly unlucky way with Saturn to make you violent, bold and adventurous. You may have a stout build and be perceived as intense by most. Hard-hearted at times, you may display complete detachment from what is happening in reality. You may be confrontational, mostly opposed to the ideas or opinions of others. A chronic ailment may persist, making you never truly well.

Saturn in Scorpio brings harmony to turbulent and uncontrollable passions. You tend to be calm and learn not to hold grudges over a long period of time. You learn to control your jealous nature and overcome your hatred. You are not fond of your baser passions, preferring to control them. You are envious of your peers, and you may have a tendency to remain dissatisfied with your achievements and rewards. However, you will try to improve upon your shortcomings. With effort, you can become prudent, tactful, and independent.

The Eighth House — House of Death or Mysteries — Sudden Developments

The Eighth House is known as the House of destruction. One of the most difficult and profound Houses, it’s also considered the most inauspicious house of the zodiac. In Vedic astrology, the meaning of this House is expanded to include all types of mysterious influences on our lives.

This House has always been considered as the most malefic house of all. It is the most important factor behind longevity, as well as any life threatening situations. This house signifies diseases, death, longevity, psychic ability, knowledge of psychology, fear, misfortunes, inheritance, gain from in-laws, gain from your spouse, finances through unfair means, internal sex organs, mental pain, obstacles, property of your partner, etc. As the house of joint resources, it represents the possessions that are not earned, but obtained through relationships and inheritance. It rules your partner’s money and indicates the problems that may arise in a partnership through the handling of money. For a woman, it may indicate the alimony they will receive and for a man the money he might have to pay. The parts of the body indicated by this house are the pelvic, bones, and external genitalia. This is a House that signifies moksha or final liberation.

Sagittarius — Ruled by Jupiter — Occupies Your Eighth House.
Jupiter rules your Eighth House, which pertains to legacies and the finances of others — especially those of the spouse. Because Jupiter is a greater beneficial planet, it is very likely that you will inherit money at some time in your life. Vedic astrological scriptures attribute this likelihood to the fact that ‘you command the good will and sincere affection of your relatives.’

Additionally, this is an excellent placement for business, but you must exercise caution against extravagance and hasty decision making. The influence of Sagittarius in the Eighth House produces good fortune and a flair for business in monetary matters. Your courage and enthusiasm ensures financial abundance throughout your life. Jupiter the ruling planet of Sagittarius makes you good-humored nature and generous with an outgoing demeanor, optimism and high expectations that serve you very well. You are intelligent, cheerful, vigorous, colorful and enthusiastic.

Desire for expansion and freedom may be the cause of major upsets in your life if you are not careful. If you are trying to unshackle yourself from a restrictive circumstance, you may have to pay dearly. You may abhor going through various situations in life, as these may create challenging circumstances. So, you may not want to go into that unknown zone of gaining new knowledge, cultural experiences or interacting with human behavior — the lack of which may keep your options limited in life. However, if you can go through these upsets without losing your calm, the unimaginable possibilities may open for you in terms of fame, friends and money. You are also generous, just and honest.

On the negative side, your overconfidence can result in upset in your business, love and financial affairs. You can be quite abrupt, fiery, impulsive and candid in dealing with people, which can create awkward situations during social interactions. You cannot tolerate dishonesty; hence you tend to reject anyone who you think is trying to deceive you. This may even lead to a long series of fights and litigations. You should avoid exaggeration, false promises, arrogance, vindictiveness and hurting others. You should be cautious in sports and outdoor activities, as there are chances of cuts, bruises and accidents.

Planets in the Eigth House

Mars is considered a major malefic in Vedic astrology, capable of harming all planets or aspects that it combines with. It destroys through aggression, violence, impulsiveness, accidents and insensitivity. However, it also provides energy, drive, determination and the ability to put one’s personal desires above those of others. If Mars is weak or afflicted in a birth chart, you will lack ambition and motivation, and success will remain elusive.

Mars rules courage and bravery and all military functions. This is also the planet of passions and desires, and is focused on sexual activity. Another function of Mars is to enhance mechanical or technical ability, ruling all professions that require work with the hands.

Mars in Sagittarius
Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius, promotes intelligence and knowledge, Mars adds energy and leadership to the combination. Devoted, frank and pleasure-seeking, you have the capability of being well-known and respected. However, you may have a confrontational nature and become easily entangled in quarrels.

Both Mars and Sagittarius are fiery, and the natural warlord aspects of Mars are highlighted here. This makes you highly spirited and enthusiastic, with natural leadership abilities and a general distaste for the lazy. While all this all sounds like a recipe for success, your relationships often suffer because of your energy and drive. Take care to be an attentive and understanding partner, friend and coworker for the best possible outcome.

The Ninth House — The House of Destiny — Luck and Sudden Gains

The Ninth House signifies your base values, ideals and principles. It represents your father, and his fate can also be read from this House. It shows the authorities that inspire us like a father or boss, and important personalities. It shows the benefits given by stalwart figures that guide you, like a teacher or guru.

This is the House of destiny and luck and a strong placement here blesses you with sudden gains, unexpected good luck and pushes the fortunes of your life to much greater heights than expected. Vedic astrologers view this House as the realm of grace — it reveals our deeds of virtue in present and in past lives.

This House signifies the father, preceptor, religion, higher education, publicity, learning, faith, wisdom, prosperity, intuitive power, providential help and divine worship and foreign travel. This is very auspicious House in the birth chart, also known as the House of fate or destiny. It indicates previous karmas, spiritual life and attainments, pilgrimages, temples and religious beliefs. It is also represents long-range goals, planning and long distance travel. The parts of the body indicated by this house are hips, thighs, female arteries and the sacral region. This is a House that signifies your good deeds and is a House of dharma or duty.

Capricorn — Ruled by Saturn — Occupies Your Ninth House.
You have a conservative philosophy of life, which is reflected in what is often perceived as inflexible behavior. Your father may have been deeply religious, a strict disciplinarian, or someone who instilled the meaning of hard work and responsibility in his children. These values are carried through the entire life. Because you’re are patient and have the need to communicate ethical values, you are a great teacher and counselor.

The influence of Capricorn on the Ninth House indicates an orthodox approach to spiritual life. You could be conservative in your ideas and abstract thoughts, and want hard evidence before changing any of your views. You prefer to perform your duties with diligence and also want recognition for your hard work.

This placement indicates foreign travels usually associated with business. Your foreign journeys are mostly defined by a great sense of purpose and ambition to achieve something really lasting and worthwhile in life. You could achieve professional success in a foreign country through your determination, self-esteem, organizational skills, self-control, prudence, maturity, dedication, thoroughness and perseverance. You may also succeed in import/export of products involving high raw material and labor.

If you choose to work for some religious cause, you may soon become the foundation of such an organization. This kind of work could also bring glory and reputation in wider social circles. Your need to follow certain ethics and morals — even in the face of adversity — brings you accolades and appreciation in life.

Planets in the Ninth House
You have no planets in the Ninth House.

The Tenth House — The House of Karma — Your Profession and Career

As the house of action, the Tenth House signifies your active ‘karma,’ which relates to your ideal career. It also shows the status that you are capable of achieving in this life. This House indicates the type of profession you gravitate towards and whether you will be successful at it or not. It shows the skills and tendencies that you can exploit. Your career picture is completed by examining the strength of this placement, and how it relates to the placement of other planets in your chart.

This house signifies career or vocation, profession, occupation and business, status, power, achievements including promotion, profits, permanent positions and advancements in career. It reveals whether success will come easily, or if it will be the result of life-long struggle and toil. It also is connected to the profession, affairs of state or of the large-scale operations. Body parts indicated by this house are knee joints, patellae, bones and joints, hair, nails and your skeleton in general. This is a House of artha or wealth.

Aquarius — Ruled by Saturn — Occupies Your Tenth House.
Saturn is a very beneficial planet in this chart since both Ninth and Tenth Houses — which are considered as very auspicious — are ruled by it. As seen through the Tenth House, the profession has its best expression through careers involving contact with others ranging from social work and community organizing to advertising. Your profession will reflect the Taurean need for financial stability accompanied by the Aquarian need for freedom of expression and service to others.

The influence of Aquarius in the Tenth House represents a personality inclined towards public life. You may possibly be involved in a number of humanitarian ventures, with a number of original and innovative ideas to present to the public. You are inclined towards teamwork and function well as part of a team. You may not be willing to take risks and avoid taking chances in your career and in issues connected to public recognition. You will need to break this habit to achieve true success and measure up to your potential.

Your urge to take center stage is a main factor behind the choice of your profession. You tend to choose a career that brings attention from wide circles, such as public relations, media, journalism, police, astrology, politics and teaching. You may want to help others using your professional influence; however misuse of such powers may lead to trouble. Your excellent judgment of human nature comes quite handy to you in creating the foundation of professional success. Your profession gives you an opportunity to know different people, although most of the times such interactions remain shallow. Because of this, you are likely to have a large number of acquaintances, through which you could experience various dimensions of human behavior. You are supportive to others during crisis, which is appreciated widely. On occasion, your vision could turn difficult situations in to immense possibility, and you may start to gain immense social appreciation due to this blessing.

On the negative side, you may want to handle your career in radical ways without too much influence from convention. This may also be the cause of why you are misunderstood in your professional circles. You may be able to reach to the root cause of the trouble and you can resurrect tough situations. But sometimes, it may become a source of crisis for you, which may induce a state of stress and despair. If you lose your calm in such situations, you may be setting up a trap for yourself.

Planets in the Tenth House

Jupiter is the planet of luck and fortune. It has an expansive, optimistic energy that benefits whatever planets or houses it associates with. It rules opportunity, prosperity, affluence, and money, and reveals so much about the benefits someone has earned from the activities in their previous lives. Vedic astrology is based on the theory of karma and reincarnation, which states the good luck or rewards in this life are a direct result of actions taken in past lives.

Jupiter in Aquarius
Aquarius is ruled by Saturn and Jupiter is debilitated in this sign. Each planet is debilitated or at its weakest when it occupies a particular sign. However, the combined energies of the two planets will bestow rare philanthropic ideals and meditative inclinations on you. Your life will be dedicated to humanitarian ideals and spent doing charitable acts. You may also be dreamy and lack any sense of materialistic desire.

Jupiter in Aquarius inspires you to enjoy the company of loyal friends and spend quality time with them. However, you are also very choosy about what company you keep and less receptive to outsiders. You identify with those who are philosophical, meditative and selfless. You will often be associated organizations or individuals who practice or uphold the humanitarian principles you live by. While your philanthropic tendencies are natural, they may cause friction at home or at work. You may be classified as unrealistic, impractical and blind to getting done what is required. You may also be prone to melancholia and remain blue for days on end. However, you are wise, intelligent and may rise to a very high position of status and career in life.

The Eleventh House — The House of Gains — Income and Cash Flow

The Eleventh House represents income or gains — that which bring us growth or increase. It indicates anything we possess or find increase through. It relates to cash in flow, motivations, hopes and dreams as well as the clout of powerful friends. It specifically rules major desires and ambitions and indicates whether they will be fulfilled.

This is the house of abundance and all planets gain strength when located here. This house relates mostly to our material gains and our ability to overreach or extend ourselves in quest of it. It also shows us how we relate to groups of people, our friendships, community participation, and what we gain ultimately in life — how much of our desires are fulfilled and whether we are satiated

This house indicates friends, groups, profits and gains, goals, hopes, dreams, aspirations, elder brother, elder sister, emotional attachments, love affairs, social success, fulfillments and realization of desires. This is the house of achievements of goals and objectives and is also referred to as the house of hopes and wishes. The parts of the body indicated by this house are legs, the left ear, teeth and ankle. This is a House of kama or desire.

Pisces — Ruled by Jupiter — Occupies Your Eleventh House.
Jupiter-ruled Pisces bring increased profits, gains through earning and pride through accomplishments. This may mean financial reward, or it may be just indicate expanding circles of colleagues, friends and acquaintances who entered the picture due to professional success.

The influence of Pisces in the Eleventh House suggests a loyal and sympathetic relationship with friends. While you maintain a very faithful and idealistic attitude toward your friends and associates, you also expect the same. These friends are powerful individuals. This also indicates elder siblings and their flourishing lives.

Your approach to friendship can be described as extremely sensitive, generous, polite, sweet tempered, philosophical, visionary, adaptable and impressionable. Sometime you become emotionally unstable and your feeling plays an important role in your reactions to various situations related with friends. You may be inclined to develop friendships with spiritual people, which help you to cultivate intuitive and psychic capabilities to such an extent that you may be known for it. It can also become a source of additional income for you. People may consult you in their personal matters. You have a powerful imagination, and your ideas relating to art, music, dance, philosophy and mathematics could bring you popularity as well as money. You try your best to maintain peace and harmony in wider circles, even if you have to pay a heavy price for it.

On the negative side, you are extremely sympathetic to people who are in trouble, and extend your helping hand to anyone and everyone who needs it without boundaries. This could become a pitfall for you, and often some people may use you. Do not build unrealistic hopes with friends, since you may get upset over this quite often. Once your suspicion is aroused, you feel that someone may be taking advantage of your generosity, you become blunt and harsh.You should be cautious of being taken advantage of. You may enjoy spending time with your friends and may regularly go on drinking binges with them. In these bouts of merrymaking you could cross all sensible limits.

Planets in the Eleventh House

Rahu — also known as the lunar North node — bestows technical skills and talents. It represents materialism, compulsiveness and intensifies any planet or sign it comes into contact with. Rahu is relentless, highly disciplined, dissatisfied and, at times, dishonest. The effects of Rahu in a chart are closely associated with Western astrology’s view of Pluto. If Rahu is well-placed, it brings power and material success. If poorly situated, there may be greed, ruthlessness and violent behavior in your life.

Rahu in Pisces
The benevolence of Jupiter, ruler of Pisces, may be overshadowed or diminished by the effects of Rahu.

You have a strong inclination for uncovering a greater purpose to life. Spiritual inclinations and similar ideas all hold interest for you. Balance is also very important for your life. You enjoy an artistic mind, though your creativity may not be as much a focus as your appreciation for other’s creativity is. On the negative side, you may suffer from losing loved ones or relatives, and you may encounter theft, fire and trouble with authority. There will be constant ups and downs in your life which you will have to learn to manage.

The Twelfth House — The House of Losses and Liberation

The Twelfth House deals with matters related to sorrow, limitations and detachment. It indicates confinement in small places such as prisons, hospitals, monasteries, etc. It represents the loss of money through bad investments, emergency expenses or a wasteful nature. It also represents you compulsive journeys into foreign countries, which may not turn out to be pleasant. It signifies the pleasures of the bed, though this may not mean physical union of deep love and commitment.

Representing decrease, wastage and decay, the Twelfth House also signifies expenditure and wastage of resources. It is an unfavorable house and causes challenges in your life. Planets located here weaken, but you are offered liberation and the deeply spiritual concept of detachment.

This House signifies enlightenment, expenditure, confinement, lawsuits, imprisonment, loss, debts, hospitalization, conjugal relations with opposite sex and life in a foreign land. It also relates to the subconscious mind, emotional problems, secrets and deceptions. The body parts indicated by this house are the feet, left eye and legs. This is also a House that signifies moksha or liberation.

Aries — Ruled by Mars — Occupies Your Twelfth House.
Since the Martian-ruled Twelfth House governs expenditure, and since you enjoy all kinds of luxury, your spending habits may be out of control. In other words, you tend to spend rather extravagantly. If Mars is poorly situated or ill-aspected by another malefic planet, your may be extremely self-destructive. An overwhelming desire for economic stability, however, usually wins to temper these indulgent habits.

The influence of Aries on the Twelfth House produces a subconsciously assertive and active personality. This trait may not be outwardly apparent, and you may appear to be sociable and easygoing to the public at large. You rarely accept defeat and anyone who hurts your self-confidence faces the unexpected ire that lurks in your subconscious. Though you rarely lose your temper, when someone crosses the line, your temper can be quite irrational. You tend to consume so much energy in your fiery action, that you have a deep need for relaxation.

You are adventurous, independent, ambitious, frank and outspoken in your approach. There may be times when you may lose opportunities due to your bullish aggression. You may tend to wear out while your rebellious spirit explores new horizons. You keep looking for fresh opportunities all the time, so life can become series of new beginnings. Though you like to begin many things, continuing them becomes a struggle for you, so you leave tasks halfway done and move on to the next.

On the negative side, you may face troubles in life if you adopt aggressive, combative, rash and impulsive attitude. Your tendency to dominate may backfire and this may result into loss. You need to be patient and plan for the long-term, instead of rushing into situations quickly. Jealousy and possessiveness could also be quite hazardous in your life. Constantly craving attention from others could bring fresh troubles, as sycophants and parasites may surround you and drain your resources.

Planets in the Twelth House

The Moon
The Moon plays the single most important role in Vedic astrology. It is equal to or greater than the importance of the ascendant. The Sun and Moon are considered the two eyes of the universe. The Sun is considered the Divine Father and the Moon the Divine Mother. The Sun represents the Self or the Soul while the Moon represents the Mind. According to the Vedas, the human mind was born from the Moon. In this context, the mind represents the source of all emotions.

The Moon rules peace of mind, happiness, comforts, and the general well being and fortune of a person. Unlike Western astrology, where the Sun is the most vital concern, the focus of Vedic astrology is not on a person’s deeply ingrained tendencies and abilities. It is rather on the benefits an individual reaps in this lifetime — happiness and joy, worldly comforts, ease of life, affluence, and fame among other things.

The Moon shows our capacity to receive and to be affected. It also indicates our capacity to be hurt and indicates our general vulnerability. A strong Moon shows sensitivity, receptivity, maturity, responsibility and the capacity to have a beneficial effect upon society. The Moon reflects personality, and is a stamp of individuality. Its position and condition shows what you have been and how you can be. It can show positive resources from the past, which gives you a greater awareness in life. It can mean great enduring power and an automatic and active reflex to seek and find happiness in life. Ultimately, the Moon represents happiness in your life.

If the Moon is weak or afflicted, success becomes rather difficult to achieve, and happiness and the chances of a comfortable life are hampered. A badly placed Moon is indicative of a heavy mindset, poor family background or difficult childhood, poor educational background and other traumatic influences.

In a birth chart analysis, a thorough understanding of the Moon, the house placement, the house the moon rules and the aspects formed with the moon all go towards understanding the deeper emotional make-up of an individual. Essentially, the Moon Sign reflects the psychic core of you as an individual. The House where the Moon is positioned in the chart is paramount since it signifies our peace of mind, creature comforts, and other vital facets of our life. This is the most consistent indicator of where we will play out our karma.

Moon in Aries
Aries is the positive sign of Mars, and is ruled by this fiery planet, which gives you a passionate and excitable nature. You are also very self-confident, self-assured, and have a dynamic personality. In addition, you are usually full of initiative, as well as agile, aggressive, competitive and enterprising. You love living spontaneously and need to have lots of fun. However, you are also very ambitious and hardworking, and a self-starter. You are able to make quick decisions, and are adaptable, vibrant and popular. You are extremely adventurous, love travel and are drawn to passionate activities. This combination also brings lasting wealth and fame.

Aries is a movable sign and, since the Moon is also flexible by nature, you are likely to be restless with a tendency to be fickle and confused at times. The Moon also gives you a short attention span and a tendency to push others too hard. You may not like taking advice, are prone to rash and hasty decisions and are probably very stubborn. You dislike people who shirk their responsibilities and have no patience with them. In addition, you cannot stand anyone interfering with your affairs or your life.

Although, this combination indicates you will enjoy an active and long life with good health, you need to remember to slow down and get rest. This combination also indicates that you will enjoy good relationships and will be a faithful and loyal partner. However, it is likely that you might be very indecisive and may function best with a partner who shares all the same decisions. You are likely to be an easy person to live with, and will not be very demanding. In addition, opposite sex will enjoy your company.


We hope you have enjoyed the interpretation of your Vedic Birth Chart, which attempts to portray your journey through life by the dictum of your accumulated Karma. This is a basic reading and you may find that some of the characteristics described may not be relevant to you since there are many aspects and considerations in your chart that may not have been covered here. We encourage you to try the other Vedic readings which will detail specific areas of your life.

We emphasize once again, that it is not Vedic astrology’s purpose to replace an individual’s responsibility to decide what is best for them. The role of astrology is to make one aware of the presence or absence of certain tendencies, and should be used as a tool for making better decisions. Ultimately, the purpose of astrology is self-knowledge, self-awareness and improvement. Consider the relative strengths of your birth chart and become aware of how the stars influence you and choose accordingly. You will have taken your first steps to a happier future!

We invite you to try our other Vedic readings for more insight into different areas of your life. And watch for new additions as we expand our Vedic astrology section!

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